Applied Mathematics ISICs

An Algorithmic and Software Framework for Applied PDEs

Terascale Optimal PDE Solvers (TOPS)

Terascale Simulation Tools and Technologies (TSTT)

Computer Science ISICs

Center for Component Technology for Terascale Simulation Software

High-End Computer System Performance: Science and Engineering

Scalable Systems Software

Scientific Data Management Enabling Technology Center

National Collaboratory Software Environment Development Centers and Networking Research

Middleware Projects

Middleware Technology to Support Science Portals

A High-Performance Data Grid Toolkit: Enabling Technology for Wide Area Data-Intensive Applications

National Collaboratory Projects

DOE Science Grid: Enabling and Deploying the SciDAC Collaboratory Software Environment

A National Collaboratory to Advance the Science of High-Temperature Plasma Physics for Magnetic Fusion

Particle Physics Data Grid Collaborative Pilot

Earth System Grid II: Turning Climate Datasets into Community Resources

Security and Policy for Group Collaboration

Network Projects

INCITE: Edge-Based Traffic Processing and Service Inference for High-Performance Networks

Optimizing Performance and Enhancing Functionality of Distributed Applications Using Logistical Networking

Bandwidth Estimation: Measurement Methodologies and Application