Continuing (out of cycle) Project

Simulation of Wave Interactions with Magnetohydrodynamics

The goal is to study high-performance fusion plasma and perform comprehensive simulations that are essential to the development of fusion. Knowledge gained by project researchers through this initiative could answer several long-standing questions and give the United States a competitive edge in the design of future fusion power plants.

Magnetized fusion plasmas contain electrons and the fusion fuel -- ions of deuterium and tritium. Plasma contained within a fusion device behaves very differently depending on the shape of the magnetic field and distribution of the electric current. Because no material can withstand the 100 million degree temperature of the plasma, it is the magnetic field that actually contains the plasma. Being able to control the plasma is critical to the success of fusion as a source of energy.



Joint funding by OFES and OASCR

Institutions Involved

  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory: D.B. Batchelor, L.A. Berry, D.E. Bernholdt, E.F. D'Azevedo, W. Elwasif, E.F. Jaeger, V. Lynch, D.A. Spong
  • Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory: J. Breslau, M.S. Chance, J. Chen, E. Feibush, G-y. Fu, N.N. Gorelenkov, S.C. Jardin, L-P. Ku, D. McCune
  • Columbia University: D.E. Keyes
  • Indiana University: R. Bramley, S. Foley
  • Lehigh University: G. Bateman
  • MIT: P. Bonoli, J. Wright, J. Ramos, L.E. Sugiyama
  • New York University: H. Strauss
  • University of California at Berkeley: P. Colella
  • University of Wisconsin: D. Schnack, C.C. Hegna, T.G. Jenkins
  • CompX: R.W. Harvey
  • General Atomics: D.P. Schissel, G. Abla, M. Choi
  • TechX: S. Kruger

Principal Investigator

Don Batchelor


Steve Jardin


Randy Bramley
Indiana U.


David Keyes

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