Computer Science

DOE Program Manager
Sonia Sachs
DOE Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research

Computer Science Institutes Announced in September 2006

Petascale Data Storage
Addressing the challenges of petascale computing for scientific discovery on information storage capacity, performance, concurrency, reliability, availability, and manageability
    Principal Investigator: Garth Gibson (
    Carnegie Mellon University

Performance Engineering Research
Enhancing the performance of SciDAC applications on petascale systems
    Principal Investigator: Robert F. Lucas (
    University of Southern California

Computer Science Centers Announced in September 2006

Plug and Play Supercomputing
Facilitating software and programming language interoperability, domain-specific common interfaces, and dynamic composability via the Common Component Architecture
    Principal Investigator: David E. Bernholdt (
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Moving Mountains (of Data)     A SciDAC COllaboratory
Enabling distributed petascale science
    Principal Investigator: Ian Foster (
    Argonne National Laboratory

Multi-core Compilers
Center for Scalable Application Development Software for Advanced Architectures
    Principal Investigator: John Mellor-Crummey (
    Rice University

Sharing a World of Data    A SciDAC COllaboratory
Scaling the Earth Systems Grid to Petascale Data to enable faster, easier sharing of climate change research data
    Principal Investigator: Dean N. Williams (
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


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