Scientific Computation Application Partnerships in Fusion Energy Sciences

DOE Program Managers

John Mandrekas
Fusion Energy Sciences (FES)

Randall Laviolette
Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR)

The FES SciDAC portfolio focuses on the development and application of high physics fidelity simulation codes that can advance the fundamental science of magnetically confined plasmas by fully exploiting leadership class computing resources and contribute to the FES goal of developing the predictive capability needed for a sustainable fusion energy source. The specific areas of interest of the Partnerships are:

  • Edge Physics
  • Multiscale Integrated Modeling
  • Materials Science

Current Projects

Advanced Tokamak Modeling (AToM)
This project aims to enhance and extend predictive modeling capabilities that currently exist within the US magnetic fusion program by supporting current workflows, building new essential infrastructure, and guiding integration.

Lead Investigator: Jeff Candy (
General Atomics

Center for Edge Physics Simulation (EPSI)
This project aims to develop advanced fusion simulation codes based on first principle physics to provide insight into edge plasma physics in magnetic fusion devices.

Lead Investigator: Choong-Seock Chang (
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Plasma Surface Interactions: Bridging from the Surface to the Micron Frontier through Leadership Class Computing
This project aims to develop and deploy validated, high-performance simulation tools capable of predicting the performance of tungsten-based plasma-facing components (PFCs) in a burning fusion plasma environment.

Lead Investigator: Brian D. Wirth (
University of Tennessee-Knoxville


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