Visualization & Data Management

DOE Program Manager
Yukiko Sekine
DOE Office of Advanced Scientific Computing

Scientific visualization plays an important role in the scientific process: to “see the unsee-able”; as the most visible element of scientific research; and as the visual component of day-to-day diagnostic and exploration tools. Its aim is to help scientists gain insight into structures, relationships, and anomalies “hidden” within data. Understanding the science behind ultra-scale simulations and high-throughput experiments requires extracting meaning from data sets of hundreds of terabytes or more. Parallel visualization can be a useful path to understanding data at this scale but is not without its own challenges especially across our diverse scientific user community. Research in visualization tools and techniques, partnered with the scientific users and dedicated to producing open source tools supported through workshops and other education activities, can significantly accelerate progress.

Visualization Institutes Announced in September 2006

Ultrascale Visualization
The Institute for Ultrascale Visualization

Assembling the scalable parallel visualization infrastructure needed to enable knowledge discovery at the petascale and instructing application scientists on how to best use these tools
    Principal Investigator: Kwan-Liu Ma (
    University of California at Davis

Visualization & Data Management Centers Announced in September 2006

Seeing the Unsee-able
The Visualization and Analytics Center for Enabling Technologies (VACET)

Helping scientists gain insight into structures and relationships "hidden" within data
    Principal Investigator: E. Wes Bethel (
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Getting the Science out of the Data
The Scientific Data Management Center for Enabling Technologies

Helping scientists spend more time studying their results and less time managing their data
    Principal Investigator: Arie Shoshani (
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


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